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Mission Statement

"To Be A Progressive, Owner Driven, Profitable Company"


How Cooperative Grain & Supply Formed/History

Cooperative Grain and Supply was incorporated on May 1, 1966 as a result of four coops merging together: Farmers Cooperative Equity Union of Hillsboro (founded in 1918) , Farmers Cooperative Supply of Hillsboro, Farmers Cooperative Grain & Mercantile Company of Lehigh (founded in 1919), and the Farmers Cooperative Association of Marion (founded in 1959). Major additions since 1966 include the Canton Coop in 1978, Canada Grain in 1991, and the Ampride stations in Hillsboro and Marion in 1999. Other Additions include Crop Production, Industrial Park fuel station, Lehigh Cardtrol, Canton Service Center in 2006, Canton CStore in 2013 and the addition of the Hillsboro Hoop Grain Facility in 2020.  In 2023 the Hillsboro Crop production facility completed a large expansion / renovation on it's liquid fertilizer plant.   

Growing Capacity

Over the years, CG&S has made many changes. The storage capacity has grown from 1,267,225 in 1966 to the present capacity of 6,364,782 bushels. In addition, CG&S has formed alliances with surrounding local cooperatives and is participating in three limited liability companies.  Countryside Feed, LLC,  Co-Ag Propane, LLC, and CoMark Equity Alliance, LLC (CEA).

Participating Liability Companies


Countryside Feed, LLC

Countryside Feed, LLC is the feed production LLC for 4 area coops: CG&S of Hillsboro, Agri Trails Coop of Hope, Kanza Coop of Iuka, and Farmers Coop Elevator Co. of Halstead.  Countryside Feed owns and operates milling facilities in Hillsboro   For more information, you may go to Countryside Feed’s webpage at 



Co-Ag Propane, LLC

Co-Ag Propane, LLC is a propane supply and service company jointly owned by Agri Trails Coop of Hope and Cooperative Grain & Supply of Hillsboro.  The partnership was formed in 2018 by the two neighboring Coops.  For more information, you may go to Co-Ag Propane's webpage at



CoMark Equity Alliance, LLC

CoMark Equity Alliance, LLC (CEA), one of the largest federally licensed grain companies in the United States, is compromised of twenty-five grain cooperatives with 155 locations that stretch from southern Nebraska, through Kansas and Oklahoma, and into the Texas panhandle.  These locations include three grain terminals, two of which are also shuttle loaders, and a 158 million bushel storage capacity.  

The company began operating in August 2017 following the merger of CoMark Grain Marketing (CGM) and Equity Marketing Alliance (EMA).  Located in Enid, Oklahoma, the company is now singularly focused on making it's customers' experience one that is unmatched in the industry by providing proactive, relationship - driven grain risk management services.  



History of Directors  & Managers

The first board of directors elected in 1966 were Adolf Bartel, Elmer Delk, Larry C. Jost, A.S. Klassen, Ernest Suderman, Chester Unruh, and Milton Schlotthauer. In addition, CG&S has had seven general managers: Pete Willems 1966-68; Wendell Haley 1968-69; Elmer Friesen 1969; Bert Regier 1970-76; Galen Rapp 1976-85; Lyman Adams, Jr. 1986-2017; and Jerry Fenske 2017 – Current.


CG&S Board of Directors 2023 / 2024District
Sarah Olsen East/Chair
Jay Bullinger At Large/Vice Chair
Josh Pretzer East/Secretary
Josh Dirks At Large
Andy Klassen West
Jamie Peters At Large
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